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Janets offers online business courses, as well as a host of PRINCE2® and Project Mangement courses.

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About Janets

Janets, part of Harley J Associates Ltd, is a popular and respected online platform where learners can access a range of affordable Prince2 and Project Management courses, on top of a whole host of business-related courses. Our hardworking and experienced team are proud to present an extensive catalogue of courses that can be studied both flexibly and conveniently. You can learn anywhere, anytime, using any internet device. What’s more, successful completion of any course will lead to a fully-accredited qualification and e-certificate, demonstrating the learner’s commitment to ongoing professional development.

Our Prince2, Project Management, and business courses – which include business administration and management, business branding training, business etiquette training, business ethics training, and many more – are designed to help people develop their professional skills and knowledge to find a job, gain a promotion, change career, or simply to add to their qualifications in a way that fits in with a busy life. It doesn’t matter if you want to gain the qualification or your employers want you to. Whatever the case, we can help.

Our courses are designed and delivered by experts in the field, are the best in the industry. Prince2 – a clever acronym of Projects IN Controlled Environments – is a practice-driven approach to project management. Its methodology is based on the result and experience of thousands of projects. Project management itself refers to the act of planning and executing teamwork in order to lead to success and entails the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve defined project objectives.


Our courses also incorporate learning on Agile Prince2, the extension module for forward-thinking organisations and individuals already benefiting from Prince2. Students will learn how to apply Agile Prince2 Methods to the most popular project management scenarios. Prince2 and Agile Prince2 will guide you to project success, emphasising collaboration, team empowerment and iterative development. If you own a business or are working as a Project Manager, these courses are ideal for you.

Your qualification will permit you to become an integral part of any project management team, capable of applying the Prince2 methodology in a project environment that supports it. In fact, the qualifications earned from all of our business courses are completely relevant in the workplace, given that they are based on the most up to date subject matter. So, if you want to improve your Prince2 or project management skills, or any business skills in general, then we can help with that, enhancing your employment and career prospects.

Why choose our Business, Project Management, or Prince2 courses?

Janets is a respected provider of online courses on a range of business subjects, and with a particular focus on Prince2 and Project Management courses. With our expertly designed and delivered courses, your professional development is guaranteed. Fully-accredited by top awarding bodies and relevant in the workplace, our business courses will help you excel in your chosen field, while our Prince2 courses will help you maintain and tailor a project appropriately, and our Project Management courses will teach you the essentials of project management. With the affordability, flexibility and convenience we offer, on top of our outstanding helpdesk and instructor support, we’re the best choice for your learning needs.

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