Term 1 – BA in Business Management (Top-Up) Degree

Term 1

International Marketing

This module of the online business management degree programme is designed to provide students with an understanding of marketing from an international perspective. The increased access to new markets across the world means that both opportunities and threats face marketers in the global context. Overcoming cultural issues remains a crucial challenge, along with the ability to effectively communicate to perhaps a very different target audience. The module examines a range of case examples in international markets.

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Coursework at the end of the module

Learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a full understanding of the environmental challenges facing international marketers.
  2. Show how an international marketing mix can be applied to real case examples.
  3. Distinguish between the ranges of market entry methods.
  4. Construct an international marketing plan.

Marketing Consultancy

This module of the online bachelor’s degree in business management gives students the opportunity to undertake an in-depth marketing project for a client organisation. Students will work on a live project for which they will be expected to work towards a solution to a ‘need’ that the client will have

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Presentation and report

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise and critically evaluate advantages to be gained by working on a ‘live’ time-constrained project and be aware of the difficulties this will involve.
  2. Explore and evaluate the business and marketing information needed when working with external clients on a live marketing project.
  3. Demonstrate information collection, classification, prioritisation and analysis skills as well as problem-identification skills and relate this to marketing theories and concepts.
  4. Working as a group, present a commercially credible proposal to an outside client, using a written presentation.

Strategic Management Analysis

As expected from a general online bachelor’s degree in business management, this module is designed to provide students with a holistic view of organisations’ strategic position and thus the ability to appreciate the importance of strategic decisions at all levels of the business organisation. Its primary aim is to provide a vehicle for considering issues which cut across the functional boundaries of business organisations and which require multi-disciplinary skills in the solution.

The module is concerned with the strategic analysis of organisations about their competitive positioning, their strategy with their environment and their management style and culture. This study will form the platform for reviewing strategic options in response to the competitive environment and for considering aspects involved in implementing such strategic options.

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Coursework

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of strategic resource capabilities of business organisations, the organisations’ strengths and weaknesses and their impact upon organisational dynamics.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and dynamics of the competitive environment in which business organisations operate, with particular focus on environmental threats and opportunities.
  3. Undertake a detailed analysis and evaluation of the resource capability and competitive environment of business organisations, with particular focus on the straetgic fit of such organisations.
  4. Interpret that detailed analysis correctly and then report and present those findings in an appropriate manner.
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