Term 1- MBA (Top-Up)

Marketing Design and Innovation

In this module of the online MBA (Top-Up) degree you will investigate stylistic changes in taste, fashion and customer needs by examining contemporary issues in marketing, design and innovation, including dependency products and services and best value. You will also look at marketing principles such as, product and service design, functionality and purpose, customer perception, value and branding extend to the consideration of patenting ideas, design registration, trade marking and intellectual property.

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Coursework at the end of the module


Learning outcomes

  1. Identify and critically evaluate the main characteristics of product and service design and innovation from the marketing.
  2. Distinguish between the key characteristics of the design process in the context of stylistic change, fashion and consumer taste, including the nature of design management and the importance of design and innovation in enhancing competitiveness.
  3. Critically appraise the importance of patenting ideas, design registration, trade marking and intellectual property on new products and services.
  4. Critically examine the impact of current developments in design and product/service diffusion and innovation on mass customisation and marketing communications.

Research Methods for Business and Management

In this module of the distance-learning MBA you will acquire the skills and abilities that managers need to carry out business and management research that will enable you to develop your workplace based Master’s project. Focus is given to the specific issues faced by managers and researchers when carrying out research in an organisational setting.

Credits: 15
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Research proposal and coursework

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the different approaches to research used in business / management and the social sciences.
  2. Identify and justify decisions regarding their chosen topic, research questions and research methodology.
  3. Synthesise and critically evaluate the current theoretical and methodological developments in their chosen field of study, making clear their own contributions to this body of work.
  4. Demonstrate the required skills and abilities needed to successfully plan, organise, undertake and communicate the findings of a piece of small scale business / management research.
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