Term 1 – MBA Degree

Term 1

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

This module covers a range of financial skills and knowledge expected of non-financial managers. It is not intended to be a comprehensive module in accountancy. The focus of the module is the operational financial issues most likely to be faced by managers; budgets, budgetary control and decision making. Computational and non-financial data will be combined to demonstrate the integrative nature of financial management within an operational setting. By focussing on budget setting, budget reporting and variance analysis learners will consider how control mechanisms may be best implemented.

Marketing Design and Innovation

In this part of the MA programme, you will investigate stylistic changes in taste, fashion and customer needs by examining contemporary issues in marketing, design and innovation, including dependency products and services and best value. You will also look at marketing principles of product and service design, functionality and purpose, customer perception, value and branding extend to the consideration of patenting ideas, design registration, trade marking and intellectual property.

Marketing Communications

This module requires existing and potential managers to evaluate the theories and concepts associated with marketing communications. It is designed to allow them to develop a critical awareness of the key characteristics of the communications mix, to introduce elements of communication theory and to set it in the context of marketing communications. The course will be illustrated with several case examples from industry and commerce.

Strategic Management

This module of the full MBA degree programme explores the rich field of strategic management and how strategic analysis and formulation contribute to an organisation’s performance. You will be introduced to practical perspectives, relevant ideas and frameworks for strategy used in design and implementation. In addition, the module deals with how to identify and make a chosen strategy work. This module adopts a practical and problem-oriented approach. In particular, it helps you to apply concepts and explore conceptual frameworks to assist you in analysing and gaining insight into the competitive situation and strategic dilemmas faced by organisations.

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