Term 2 – MBA Degree

Term 2

Strategic Marketing Management

The module has two themes; firstly the critical understanding of the practical tools, techniques, operations and activities of the marketing process, and secondly the marketing decisions on which effective marketing management and planning are based. These two themes separate out the operational marketing activities from the management decisions, and students should be able to develop diagnostic skills in both themes of the module so that they become familiar with processes related to marketing effort. Finally, students should link external or environmental market dynamics with organisational response. Students will be able to reflect through their practitioner experience and application of the service/ product-market relationships and customer/client behaviours in meeting the module outcomes.

Human Resource Management in Practice

This module introduces you to key concepts and policies underlying HRM in organisations. Thus, the module looks at techniques, procedures and systems that are available to managers in order to enhance performance, achieve excellence and align corporate goals. The focus of the module will be on students developing their own views and ideas on the efficacy of different HRM frameworks and usefulness of tools for the development of HRM as a source of competitive advantage through people.

Research Methods for Business and Management

In this top-up online MBA degree module you will acquire the skills and abilities that managers need to carry out business and management research that will enable you to carry out your research project. More focus is given to the specific issues faced by managers and researchers.

Executive Leadership

In this module, online MBA degree students will investigate and critically evaluate different approaches to executive leadership as well as qualities, styles and skills required by top managers in today’s complex, global business environment. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your own personal effectiveness and development as a leader in preparation for a more serious role within the organisation.

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