Term 2 – MBA (Top-Up)

Postgraduate Major Project

The MBA dissertation, also known as the Postgraduate Major Project, allows you an opportunity to demonstrate, several important intellectual and practical skills at an advanced level. These skills are considered valuable by employers as the dissertation is your own work, and it is proof that you have mastered the skills. In fact, sometimes your dissertation will help you to obtain an interview or find the suitable job position, along with this MBA (top-up) programme.

Credits: 60
How to pass:  You should achieve a minimum overall mark of 40%
Projects:  Research report


Learning Outcomes

  1. With reference to a chosen significant and complex area for enquiry, establish a method for investigation / exploration of key concepts, models and principles.
  2. Critically evaluate complex issues from a variety of viewpoints.
  3. Develop effective arguments to support relevant conclusions.
  4. Justify & rigorously apply appropriate methodologies, techniques and practical strategies; being sensitive to the context.
  5. Where appropriate, formulate solutions to business or management problems in discussion with peers, clients, mentors and others.
  6. Reflect critically on the process and outcomes of the investigation / enquiry.
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