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Do you believe our audiences might find your content to be useful? Janets is the ideal place to publish your work to attract readers.

Guest posting can be a terrific method to network with other business leaders and raise the profile of your own website. With everyone seeking the finest platform for exhibiting their work, Janets is thrilled to announce this fantastic opportunity to publish your content for us.

Guest Post With Us!

At Janets, we provide an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with a vast audience. Once the review of your content has been completed, it will be published on our website in order to offer valuable information to our readers. By publishing your content on Janets, you have the opportunity to reach a larger audience who is interested in reading high-quality content like yours. We suggest that writers focus on writing about their careers, jobs, and education as it is likely to resonate with our audience. If you believe that your writing will meet the needs and interests of our readers, we encourage you to submit a blog post for consideration.

What We Are Looking For :

In order to grab the attention of our audience, it's crucial that the material you submit is interesting and unique. To increase the likelihood of your guest post being accepted, we recommend choosing a topic that is relevant to our audience and hasn't been covered extensively on our site already. The writers must also be able to understand what our readers are looking for in order to create content that is appropriate for them. We are always happy to work with bloggers who have the expertise and skills to create blog posts that meet our standards and requirements.

We Welcome The Bloggers To Write For Us!

We value writers who are interested in publishing on our website and ask that they follow a set of guidelines when creating content for us. In order to provide readers from around the world with valuable knowledge, it's important that only competent and effective writers contribute to our website. This is a great platform for writers who want to showcase their work to a wide audience and we are here to offer guidance and support for those looking to develop a successful writing career.

What Kind Of Benefits You Can Get From Us?

As a writer, you stand to benefit greatly from publishing on our website, as it allows you to increase your online visibility and reach a larger audience. Some additional benefits of using our platform include:

- The opportunity to attract a huge audience to read your blog
- The chance to learn from other bloggers from around the world and receive writing assistance

By taking advantage of these benefits, you can enhance your writing career and reach a wider audience.

Guest Post Writing Guidelines That You Need To Follow

- As a writer, it is important to consider the quality and longevity of the website when creating content for it.
- While we do not have a strict word count requirement, it is best to keep your guest post concise and focused, avoiding rambling or going off on tangents. We recommend aiming for articles that are at least 1500 words in length.
- In terms of formatting, the feature image should be 800*418 in size and it is helpful to use examples and relevant images to illustrate your points. Using tools such as Creately can be useful for visualizing data, information, workflows, concepts, and frameworks.
- Your article should be completely original and unpublished, as we do not accept republished content. It is also important to avoid using irrelevant affiliate links or promoting competitors' websites. To make the article easier to read, consider using bullet points, shorter paragraphs, and subheadings. Reposting the article on any other website is not permitted.
- It is crucial to avoid posting low-quality articles at any cost and to refrain from using spam or broken links in the content. By following these guidelines, you can help ensure the success of your guest post and contribute to the overall quality of the website.

Topics we cover

Our blog aims to help those who are searching for employment, those who want to learn new things, and those who are looking to progress in their careers

Career Guideline, jobs, and educational tips for the following topic:

- Animal Care
- Beauty
- Business
- Business & Management.
- Design
- Employability
- Finance & Accounting
- Health & Fitness
- Health & Safety
- Health And Fitness
- Healthcare And Medical
- It & Development
- Lifestyle
- Management
- Marketing
- Office Productivity
- Personal Development
- Photography & Video
- Project Management
- Psychology
- Sports
- Teaching & Academics
- Therapy

We don’t cover:

- Posts that are too technical, editorial, or vague
- CBD, adult, gambling

Approval Process When You Write For Us:

- We strongly discourage the use of plagiarised material and may reject poorly written content.
- To increase the chances of your guest post being accepted, it's important to write well-crafted content that adheres to our guidelines. This includes keeping the text to a maximum of 2,000 words, with any necessary subheadings, and ensuring that it is at least 1,500 words in length.
- Once we have determined that the title is relevant and the content fits with the concept of our website, your post will be approved. .
- If you are interested in writing for us but are unsure of what topics to cover, you can ask for suggestions and submit a title for consideration.
- If you are using photographs that are not your own, it is important to provide sources or credits.
- Our content review team may make necessary modifications or alterations to enhance the quality of both your content and our website. We appreciate your interest in guest posting with us and look forward to receiving your submission.

We are excited to review your submission and consider it for publication on our website as a guest post. Thank you for your interest in writing for us.

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