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How to Become a Teaching Assistant with no Experience in the UK

If you are someone passionate about forming a career in the education sector, which is both satisfying and convenient, being a Teaching Assistant is what you are looking for. Traditional teaching jobs can be a time-consuming process too, but classroom support is in demand. Want to know more about how to become a teaching assistant with no experience in the UK? 

Stay active with me and discover how to get in this profession and how this entire role works.

Have a look at some of the positive sides of the role:

What do Teaching Assistants do?

With the number of students and classes increasing, children must be guided and encouraged in the right way. So that they can reach their full capacity. That’s where teaching assistant skills and resources can come in effect. Everyday tasks of a teaching assistant may include:

female teaching assistant helping students in class

You have to utilise the opportunity of getting involved in every phase of providing a lesson and make a notable difference. Witnessing children’s gradual progress makes this a worthwhile job. 

Teaching Assistant duties depend on the level of TA qualification and their personal experiences. However, it also lies in the demands of individual schools. The role of the TA is full of variation flexibility. 

Few key features of the job :

In general, the teaching assistant’s job is a rewarding one. You will never feel bored spending your time with a bunch of children guiding them through their learning curve. Another thing about becoming a TA is you will never run out of Aww moments. So you will always find reasons to become a teaching assistant. 

What Qualifications do You Need to Become a Teaching Assistant?

There might be high competition for teaching assistant jobs. So making sure that you have the right qualifications on your CV is necessary. Any such official course for teaching assistants is not available, but employers do look for qualifications that are accredited. 

Every particular school has different requirements for hiring ambitious teaching assistants. On top of that, they also prefer someone who likes working with children because that is very important. Here is a blog on SEN teaching strategies that will help you get familiar with some popular teaching strategies.

How can You be Successful in Interviews?

To be successful in an interview, you are required to showcase your goals and abilities. Looking up courses online, which might help you get ready for exams, in spare time, suggests a dedication to self-improvement and outstanding time and team management skills. Employers also look for people who are determined about what they do, and few online qualifications are a fantastic way to take an in-depth look at the education industry. 

Here are some basic Teaching Assistant interview Questions that you may find useful.

How Important is Interacting With People in This Role?

Teaching assistants must have the capability of building and maintaining good relationships with parents, teachers and children. A placement in a local school may even lead you to a full-time job, so making everyone around happy is an easy task that can be portrayed. 

Trying to know and understand other staff will help you to feel good for the day-to-day environment, which will put yourself in a great position when applying for a teaching assistant role.

Where are You most Likely to Get a TA Job?

Teaching assistants act as an influential part of the staff team in all primary, secondary and special schools for children. The role varies between the different types of schools: 

What Qualities make a Good Teaching Assistant?

Teaching assistants are a crucial element of educational institutes. TA’s provide direct support to both teachers and students, which makes others value them. Whilst every school can set their requirements for what they look for in a teaching assistant, and there are many admirable traits that all the good ones have.

Few traits that you should have to be a good TA even without experiences include:

1. Being Good with Children

That’s a kind of prerequisite which schools want you to have before joining as a TA. A great teaching assistant should understand how children learn and develop. Each child is different from another, so one should have the quality of having a child-centred approach, which means you’ll be able to adapt their style to the student. 

2. Being Flexible and adaptable

While being flexible to offer a different approach to each child, teaching assistants also need to adapt to the flow of a teacher’s daily lesson. To be a great teaching assistant, you should be able to adapt to how the teacher provides the session and take a hold on it. So you have to be adaptable.

3. Have Solid Literacy and Numeracy Skills

As a teaching assistant, it is, of course, crucial that you have adequate knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic. It is because you have to teach younger students correctly. In addition to knowing the process, a teaching assistant should also develop having communication skills to explain different topics nicely to the pupils. That’s what makes a teaching assistant better.

4. Have the Ability to Communicate Effectively

Communicating with students is essential, but there will also be times when they will provide feedback to parents and guardians. Building a good reputation with both students and parents is just as important. 

5. Have Adequate Preparation

Teaching assistants should have the practice of planning things. Knowing in advance what will be taught that day or week offers an advantage to plan out how they may deliver their messages to the children during the lessons.

6. Able to Provide Effective Feedback

Teaching assistants are on the front-line of teaching young pupils. Therefore, you are working with children face to face and can spot if a child is falling behind or is absent-minded. Problems can be addressed quickly, whether it’s a child who is struggling with the pace or if one is excelling but is bored with the slow pace. Either way, you can provide this feedback to the teacher, and address any issue quickly.

Bottom Line

Different schools set their entry requirements and decide which qualifications and experience they want. Some institutions may prefer previous qualifications in nursery work, childcare, playwork or youth work. 

But even if you don’t have enough experience of working with children, don’t worry at all! You can show employers that you have the right personality and potential to motivate them to recruit you and train you on the job. However, volunteering in a local school for a few hours a week is an excellent way to start. 

Don’t hesitate to become a teaching assistant if you don’t have any experience. As you have read, you can be one with other positive traits as well.

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