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10 Great Reasons to Become a Teaching Assistant in 2021

10 Great Reasons to Become a Teaching Assistant

Every action or strategy you have taken so far has a specific purpose or reasons. Choosing the right career is one of the hardest choices to make a decision for anyone. You might be asking yourself why become a teaching assistant?

After reading these 10 great reasons to become a Teaching Assistant, you may find much interest to know more about the career opportunities of Teaching Assistant. If you are currently struggling to make your main career option, then exploring the reasons to become a professional Teaching Assistant in 2021 might help you a lot. Before you think about how to become a Teaching Assistant, you must know reasons to start your career as a Teaching Assistant.

Tasks of a teaching assistant (TA)

Why is teaching a good career choice?

Teaching assistant skills for resume

Certainly, Google Trends showed a moderate upward trend for Teaching Assistant in the last 5 years. Less than 1 year experienced entry-level TA can expect to earn more than £13,000. Thus, the Teaching Assistant salary ranged from £13,249 to £13,846 for a mid experienced person. 

Fully experienced (10-19 years) Teaching Assistant can earn an average of £14,000+. In addition, 20 years+ experienced employees can earn an average of £15,000

Most importantly, teaching assistant skills for resume development is a head-start of your Teaching profession.

Teaching assistant skills

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10 Great reasons to become a teaching assistant

1. You can help students to conquer their challenges

A teaching assistant is concerned with helping students solve learning and developmental challenges. A head instructor obviously may not have enough concentration on one particular student. Whereas Teaching Assistant plays a role in that and one of the key reasons why the job exists.

Ultimately, becoming a teaching assistant gets your interest when you find an opportunity to interact with students. No matter how old your student is, the feeling of happiness comes when achieving their goals.

In school, your research and activity will perform long term consequences and will significantly impact their life.

2. Moment of eureka

One of the greatest aspects of becoming a teaching assistant is to explain your new ideas to a child. Overcoming an unassisted question resulted in a feeling of excitement and precious joy of a student. A mindful teacher assistant plays a special role to provide students with additional help so that they don’t slip behind their classmates.

You could have a passion for arts and crafts. Such skills are really valuable if you are a TA. Maybe your favourite sport or passion are getting paid and integrated with this profession.  

3. Stepping stone to further qualifications

To establish your career path in teaching it’s a stepping stone becoming a teaching assistant.

Do a great job, you can get a positive response as a professional endorsement from your instructor. Relationship with your professor may lead to more training in your research field and potential career prospects.

A higher level of interest in training and discipline teaching may progress your teaching career. This engagement will help you develop a collegial partnership with other teachers in your campus.


The specific expertise will benefit others using different strategies to support specific students. Expand your own abilities all at once, which ensures you’re willing to improve constantly.

It is obvious that you will benefit from your students as much as they do from you as an instructor.

If the subject permits, then arrange to promote dialogue, discussion, debate, and the rational discussion of ideas among students. So, the more you communicate with your students, the more likely you will gain knowledge of your chosen discipline.


Skill like public speaking is one the top fears for anyone. You can easily improve that skill through this teaching Assistant career. Being a TA might really support you to face the fear of public speaking. The classroom is a relaxed and accepting environment to improve your public speaking skill.

4. Diversity in work duties for teaching assistant jobs

The roles allocated to a teaching assistant are diverse, so they may vary from school to school. In general, the main duties for teaching assistant jobs assist students with learning difficulties or disorders.

Another main responsibility is to provide assistance for student trips or activities in the classroom. There is rarely a bad day in a teaching assistant’s career! 

In the Teaching assistant job, you will find it is different every day. You will deal with new sections or topics or new problems to be resolved. People from different walks of life make you feel better too as a teaching assistant. Moreover, you find the flexibility of the work that ensures few challenges as well as few surprises in your day.

When any student feels the loneliness due to deadlines of assignments, as a TA you can help them. Helping those students to attain their potential can be very rewarding. When you focus on specific kids to reach their goals, those faces will surely make pleasing moments for you.

5. You can make a difference with teaching assistant skill

You can play a special role to create a significant change in the life of the children you deal with. There are children in many schools who are facing challenges for personal issues.

When teachers are helpful, kids focus on entire classes all the time. As a teaching assistant, you can make a difference by giving additional time to kids. You will be valuable to other students if you do well. You act like a healer in the front of the battlefield.

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6. Work-life balance

Flexibility in working hours is one of the most likely things to become a teaching assistant. You only need to work school hours and get around 12 weeks’ holiday per year.

You can use your holidays to ensure work-life balance easily. You can do your job with care on weekdays while spend quality time with your family on weekends. As a result, spending more time with your loved ones will keep you motivated.

You will need to work school hours as a classroom assistant that gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with the children.  This great work-life balance allows you plenty of time to schedule your vacations.

7. To change the lives of students

As your teaching profession goes on, you need to support more than a normal teacher does. You can also support as an educator or mentor or a source of confidence or a friend of kids.

Teaching assistants should try to make the feeling inside every kid that he/she can do more than he/she thought. As a Teaching Assistant, you should try to make parents believe that their children are what they are doing and what can be.

Teachers are there to develop from all walks of life. Helping students to this path of challenges shaping the person in all aspects of skills. Become a teacher to inspire kids. You can support them and apprehend their potentiality. A position like a teaching assistant can make a positive impact on a kid’s performance and thoughts.

8. To improve the quality of education

A top-notch student cannot ensure that surely he would be a great teacher. A good teacher could improve the skills of students as well as he or she can improve the quality of education as well. As a Teaching Assistant, you have options to improve the teaching methods through your own strategy of engaging.

Demand for good teachers is related to improving quality education. One of the main reasons to become a teacher is to make a positive impact on the education system. If you can detect the exact point to improve the situation, surely you will be a great teacher to make a big change.

Administration officials of any school have an indirect impact on students, whereas as a teaching assistant you have a direct effect on students. Throughout your productive career, there will be thousands of success stories impacted by you.

9. Give back to your community

Another strong reason to become a teacher is to make a positive change to society. Becoming an instructor is a necessary thing because you are personally attached to the struggle of students. Someone like you changed your life when you were younger. From now on, you find the opportunity to share that with a new generation.

10. Altruistic attitude

Altruism mentality is a fact in this profession though you will get paid for this. But an altruistic mentality will help your work done in an effective way. Being a TA might be a very satisfying experience if you can keep that altruistic mentality.

Moreover, mental health activities for students is a great way to support mental health of students.


Above 10 reasons might increase your interest to become a qualified teacher, or just love spending time with students. Maye these 10 reasons will help you to choose one of the most rewarding careers.

Beside these top 10 reasons, there are some other positive reasons that help you to choose your career as a Teaching Assistant. To earn a free e-certificate after completion and get more career oriented information, you can check the following course:

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