Top 10 Must-have Qualities For A Care Worker

Top 10 Must-have Qualities For A Care Worker

A report says that around 1.1 million people are working in the adult care sector in England. Pretty huge! Isn’t it? To gear up your wonder, let’s inform you that the projected demand for care workers will rise by more than 40% before 2035 with an increased vacancy of 250000 jobs by 2030. The demand for care workers is on the rising track since the number of ageing people in the UK is increasing day by day. 

Care workers are responsible for providing care to vulnerable people. These vulnerable people are mainly the elderlies. That’s why people think that the term care worker means only giving care to old adults. However, this Notion isn’t true at all. The sector of care workers is broader than what people generally think about it. Care workers can be of different types and adult care is only a type of those. Let’s have a look at the common types of care workers available in the UK.

Types of Care Workers

Adult Care Workers

This is the most common type of care workers in the UK. That’s why people think that care working means taking care of adults. However, adult care workers are responsible for looking after the elderlies of the community. Old people need some special care with their growing ages which are difficult to avail at home since everyone is busy with their schedule and so is their family members too. So, it’s better to find someone who is trained and skilled enough to take good care of older people. And, these trained and skilled persons are adult care workers. 

A major portion of the adult care workers jobs is in the independent sector while a considerable portion belongs to different government care homes. Most of the adult care workers belong to the private sector since there is a growing number of adult care homes 

Child Care Workers

Child care workers is another growing sector in the UK. They are responsible for providing care to children. This can be at a nursery school, a day-care or even at home. People are busy with their work-life and can spare a little time out of their busy schedule to take care of their children. So, they need someone capable of taking care of their children in their absence. That’s why there are many day-care and child care homes to take charge of looking after the children. And a child care worker works in there. 

Health Care Workers

Health care workers are mainly involved in hospitals and nursing homes to assist physicians. They are responsible for providing care and services to the sick and ailing people. They work parallelly to the nurses and in most cases, in expanding government health services to the root level of the community such as vaccination program, emergency medical response team and so on. 

Social Care Workers

Actually, they do almost the same job as an adult care worker. Besides a bit more than them which makes them a separate category. Social care workers are involved in a wide range of responsibilities such as supporting the needs of communities in terms of giving care to people with physical and mental disabilities, involving in many voluntary works and improving the well-being of the society. 

Animal Care Workers

This is another type of care working. They are mainly involved in looking after the pets of people while they’re out of home for their job or other tasks and there is no one to look after their loving pets. So, many animal care homes have been established in the UK to help people with their pets. The demand for trained animal care workers is increasing day by day. 

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From there you will develop your knowledge of caring for different species, the roles of animal care professionals, and mitigating certain risks in transporting and feeding larger or more dangerous animals.

Career Prospects of Care Workers

You are already informed about the growing demand for care workers in the UK. Care work is one of the largest and growing job sectors in the UK. Due to this high demand, care workers are paid a handsome wage for their services. In the UK, a care worker earns £12500 – £25000 per year based on experience level. 

Qualification for A Care Worker

The key responsibility of a care worker is to provide care and service to the client. You might be thinking now what qualification do you need to be a care worker. You don’t need any formal qualification level to work as a care worker. Since care working is a skill-based job, you need specific training and certification before getting in care work. There are a number of course providers in the UK who give training and are helping people to get into a care workers job. You can take a course and get trained to start your job as a care worker. 

However, since care work is a skill-based job and you have to deal with a wide range of people from different backgrounds, you need some particular skills and qualities to become a good care worker and boost up your career. You might be wondering now what the qualities you require. Let’s dive into the qualities that you must need to be a good care worker. 

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Top 10 Must-have Qualities For A Care Worker


You must be empathetic to become a good care worker. You should feel the needs and problems of your client by your heart and relate you to their feelings and emotions by putting yourself on their shoes. Empathy will help you to build a connection with your clients and make you reliable to them. 


You should nurture the sense of independence within yourself to become a good care worker. Though as a care worker, you’ll be generally working under a team leader, sometimes situations may arise where you need to take an immediate decision without consulting others. In this case, the of independence will be helpful to you to make you confident and you can handle the situations better.   


Like any other jobs, you must be professional in a care worker job.  Without being professional it’s impossible to grow more in a job. Professionalism helps you to get the most out of you to your duties and responsibilities. As a care worker, you should have the quality of professionalism to deal better with your clients and maintain your standards by upholding your responsibilities. 


Care working is a challenging job. You will face many situations and a lot of new experiences daily. And most importantly, things won’t go always the same as you plan for. You have to deal with changing conditions regularly. So, you must be flexible enough to cope up with the ever-changing situations and provide your service without any interruption. 


Since all of your duties revolve around your client’s needs, you must be respectful to them. You should respect their choice, beliefs and needs without regard to their background. It will help you to provide better care and service to them and make good bonding with your clients.  


You should have a passion to serve people. You should have the answer to the question of why do you want to be a care worker? What makes you interested in care work? If you have these answers, you can shine in this job of care work. Without being passionate to serve people, it will be difficult to provide the best care and service to your client which will eventually make the job difficult for you. 

Cheerful Attitude

Being cheerful is another must-have quality of a care worker. As a care worker, you have to deal with many people and a cheerful attitude always makes a positive impression about you. Cheer and happiness are transmissible and create a friendly bonding with your clients. A cheerful attitude is most helpful in the case of providing care to vulnerable adults and children.


You must have enough patience to become a good care worker. Things may not go as you want them. But you should be patient always because it’s your job demand. You need the patience to handle difficult situations and deliver the best service of yours. 


As a care worker, you have to face new challenges daily. There can be excessive pressure of consecutive work shifts, challenging behaviours of your clients, and stress from different duties. So, you must have strong resilience to handle all these without making errors. Unless you’ll feel exhausted and be more likely to make errors which will make your job difficult. 


Last but not least, certification is a prerequisite to start your career as a care worker. Though you don’t need a formal qualification to become a care worker, you need to have some particular technical knowledge and skills to provide care and services. Besides, you have to know the basic and principal duties of a care worker. A certificate is the evidence of your competencies that you got to become a care worker. Furthermore, certification is required to get entry into the job. 

This is all you need to know about the care worker job. After going through the above information, you’re now well-informed about the care worker job. If you are willing to start your career as a care worker, it’s the right time to take training that will equip you with the necessary skills and give you the required certification to get into the job as a care worker. 

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