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Advanced Diploma in Dog Training

CPDUK Accredited | 50% OFF Certificate & Transcript

106 Students enrolled on this course 5 (3 Reviews)

clock Last updated October 24, 2023

From the management of common behavioural issues to show training, the Advanced Diploma in Dog Training covers all aspects of working as a professional dog trainer. Through engaging, innovative online learning materials accessible through your phone, tablet or computer, you will learn how to train puppies and adult dogs, instilling obedience, identifying the reasons for problem barking and how to solve them, and dog nutrition. You will also learn about the laws around dog ownership and training.

Why choose this course

  • Earn an e-certificate upon successful completion.
  • Accessible, informative modules taught by expert instructors
  • Study in your own time, at your own pace, through your computer tablet or mobile device
  • Benefit from instant feedback through mock exams and multiple-choice assessments
  • Get 24/7 help or advice from our email and live chat teams
  • Full Tutor Support on Weekdays

Course Design

The course is delivered through our online learning platform, accessible through any internet-connected device. There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules, meaning you are free to study the course at your own pace.

You are taught through a combination of

  • Video lessons
  • Online study materials
  • Mock exams
  • Multiple-choice assessment

Certificate of Achievement

Endorsed Certificate of Achievement from the Quality Licence Scheme

Once the course has been completed and the assessment has been passed, all students are entitled to receive an endorsed certificate. This will provide proof that you have completed your training objectives, and each endorsed certificate can be ordered and delivered to your address for only £69. Please note that overseas students may be charged an additional £10 for postage.

CPD Certificate of Achievement from Janets

After the successful completion of the final assessment, you will receive a CPD-accredited certificate of achievement. The PDF certificate is for £9.99, and it will be sent to you immediately after through e-mail. You can get the hard copy for £15.99, which will reach your doorsteps by post.

Who is this course for?

Advanced Diploma in Dog Training is suitable for anyone who want to gain extensive knowledge, potential experience and professional skills in the related field. This is a great opportunity for all student from any academic backgrounds to learn more on this subject.

Course Curriculum

Advanced Diploma in Dog Training - Updated version
Module 1: Introduction
Why Getting 2, 8 Week Old Parson Terrier Puppies Changed My Life And My Career! 00:03:00
Here’s What You’ll Get From This Course… 00:04:00
Module 2: Feeding Time - Aggression and Stealing Food
How To Communicate You’re In Charge During Feeding Time 00:10:00
How To Stop Food Aggression And Stealing Food 00:07:00
This Dog Is A Professional At Stealing Food, You’ll Be Amazed At What He Does! 00:04:00
Module 3: The Right Way to Greet a Dog
How You Greet Your Dog Says So Much More Than Hello – Here’s Why 00:12:00
It’s Not As Difficult As You May Think To Do And Makes The World Of Difference 00:05:00
Help! What When Visitors Come Round And Get Jumped On? Here’s What To Do… 00:05:00
Here’s The Right Way For Guests To Enter Your Home And Stop Jumping Up 00:02:00
Module 4: Separation Anxiety
How To Stop Dogs Barking, Chewing, Panting And Pacing When Left Alone 00:13:00
The Time To Get This Right Is When They Are A Puppy – Here’s How To Do It 00:02:00
Can You Resolve Separation In Dogs Of All Ages? Yes! Here’s How 00:02:00
Module 5: Dog Language - What They're Really Saying!
Is Your Dog Trying To Calm You Down?! Find Out Here 00:09:00
This ONE Technique Works Like Magic With Numerous Unwanted Behaviours 00:10:00
The 3 F’s For Dogs And Top Tips 00:01:00
Module 6: The Answers To 10 Popular Dog Questions You Are Likely To Be Asked
Read This First As It Will Really Help You With The Following Videos 00:25:00
Here’s The Answers To Frequently Asked Dog Training Questions Numbers 1 and 2 00:09:00
Here’s The Answers To Commonly Asked Dog Training Questions Numbers 3 and 4 00:09:00
Here’s The Answers To Frequently Asked Dog Training Questions Numbers 5 and 6 00:06:00
Here’s The Answers To Top Dog Training Questions 7 and 8 00:08:00
Here’s The Answers To Commonly Asked Dog Training Questions 9 and 10 00:08:00
Module 7: The Answers To 10 Common Puppy Training Questions That You'll Likely To Be Asked
Read This First As It Will Really Help You With The Following Videos 00:20:00
Here’s The Answers To Commonly Asked Puppy Training Questions Numbers 1 and 2 00:10:00
Here’s The Answers To Popular Puppy Training Questions 3 and 4 00:05:00
Here’s The Answers To Common Puppy Training Questions Numbers 5 and 6 00:07:00
Here’s The Answers To Popular Puppy Training Questions Numbers 7 and 8 00:06:00
Here’ The Answers To Common Puppy Training Questions Numbers 9 and 10 00:09:00
Module 8: Dog Training Consultations With Clients
Someone Has Said Yes To A Dog Training Consultation With You – Here’s What To Do 00:09:00
Dog Training Consultation Form 00:05:00
Dog Training Confirmation Letter Template – Page 1 00:05:00
Dog Training Confirmation Letter Template – Page 2 00:05:00
Top Tips Of What To Include During Your Dog Training Consultation 00:14:00
Top Tips Of What To Include During A Dog Training Consultation Handout 00:05:00
**Bonus Video** A Demonstration Of A Real-Life Dog Training Consultation
**Bonus Video** A Demonstration Of A Real-Life Dog Training Consultation 00:22:00
Agreement Letters To Be Signed After The Consultation 00:06:00
Agreement Letter Template – The One You Sign And Leave With Your Client 00:05:00
Agreement Letter Template – The One Your Client Signs And You Keep 00:05:00
How To Leave A Consultation On A High 00:02:00
The Best ‘Feel Good’ Dog Poem Ever! 00:05:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Advanced Diploma in Dog Training 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Advanced Diploma in Dog Training 00:20:00
Advanced Diploma in Dog Training - Old Version
Basic Dog Training
Introduction 00:30:00
The Basic Commands 01:00:00
Training Your New Puppy 01:00:00
Leash/Collar Training 00:30:00
Head Collar Training 00:30:00
Training Collar or Choke Collar 00:30:00
Reward Training 00:30:00
Crate and House Training 01:00:00
Dog Obedience Training 00:30:00
Dog Training Issues 00:30:00
Advanced Dog Training Exercises 00:30:00
More Dog or Puppy Training Issues and Exercises 01:00:00
Conclusion 00:15:00
Stopping Dog Barking
Introduction 00:15:00
My Dog Barks: What to Do? 00:30:00
My dog loves to bark: Understanding the Dog 24/7 00:30:00
The Myths About Dogs 00:15:00
I don’t want my dog getting hurt 00:30:00
Dealing with Barking Problem 00:30:00
Controlling his ARF-ARF-ARF 00:30:00
Curious About Barking Reasons 00:30:00
There are still any Reasons Left? 00:30:00
Camp Barking 00:15:00
Training a Dog Yourself The Easy Way 00:30:00
What about a Watchdog 00:15:00
Dog vs. The Neighbours 00:30:00
Uh oh Puppies 00:30:00
I Could only Tolerate so Much 00:15:00
Me and my Dog 00:30:00
Be in Touch with Your Pooch 00:30:00
The Justice System 00:15:00
Conclusion 00:15:00
Show Training
Introduction 00:15:00
Dog Shows 00:15:00
I’m a beginner, now what should I do? 00:30:00
Training your Dogs 00:15:00
Taking Care of Your Show dog 00:15:00
Feeding Your Dog in a Nutritious Way 00:15:00
Dog Show Categories 00:15:00
Why Smaller breeds are preferable? 00:30:00
Which Dog Show is perfect for my Dog? 00:15:00
What to remember 00:15:00
Common Terminologies 00:15:00
Conclusion 00:15:00
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading: Advanced Diploma in Dog Training 00:00:00
Assignment – Advanced Diploma in Dog Training 3 weeks, 4 days
Order Your Certificate
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

Course Reviews


3 ratings
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  1. Thankful for the course, it changed my life.


    Thank you for the wonderful and comprehensive modules about dog training. Since you provided me with a certification in dog training, I am now qualified to apply to pet care shops and start my career in dog care and training.

  2. Advanced Diploma in Dog Training


    Very informative course with simple examples so even the novice has a chance to learn.
    Also the addition of extra resource video’s helps on certain modules.

    Highly recommend Janets their variety and choices of courses are superb.


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    Fully Online

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the anwser you’re looking for ? Reach out to customer support team.

Are there any prerequisites for taking the course?

There are no specific prerequisites for this course, nor are there any formal entry requirements. All you need is an internet connection, a good understanding of English and a passion for learning for this course.

Can I access the course at any time, or is there a set schedule?

You have the flexibility to access the course at any time that suits your schedule. Our courses are self-paced, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience.

How long will I have access to the course?

For this course, you will have access to the course materials for 1 year only. This means you can review the content as often as you like within the year, even after you've completed the course. However, if you buy Lifetime Access for the course, you will be able to access the course for a lifetime.

Is there a certificate of completion provided after completing the course?

Yes, upon successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio and can be shared on your various social networks.

Can I switch courses or get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the course?

We want you to have a positive learning experience. If you're not satisfied with the course, you can request a course transfer or refund within 14 days of the initial purchase.

How do I track my progress in the course?

Our platform provides tracking tools and progress indicators for each course. You can monitor your progress, completed lessons, and assessments through your learner dashboard for the course.

What if I have technical issues or difficulties with the course?

If you encounter technical issues or content-related difficulties with the course, our support team is available to assist you. You can reach out to them for prompt resolution.

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