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Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI

Live Online Sessions | 1-on-1 Mentoring | Self-paced Video Lectures

Accelerate your Data Science career by enrolling in the exclusive Data Scientist training course offered by Janets, UK. Experience world-class Data Science training from a world-class professional on the most in-demand Data Science and Machine Learning skills.

Application Deadline: 31st October, 2021

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Oct 31, 2021

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Key Highlights of the Course

Get familiar with our Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI syllabus.

Live Classes + Video Lessons + Real-Life Projects

The participants will get everything with our comprehensive training:

  • They will get access to our 11 unique courses immediately after the registration.
  • They will attend our live classes to learn industry-oriented knowledge and solve their data science issues.
  • All of the learners will get 1 to one mentoring sessions for solving their subject related problems.
  • The learners can attend our collaboration sessions, practice with real-life projects and so on.

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Get familiar with our Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI syllabus.

Whether you have been using Microsoft Office but need a reminder of this tool or you are totally new to this tool-we can here to help! Our dedicated team decided to arrange a webinar for those who are interested to learn about Microsoft Office, Power BI and other relevant skills to grow their professional career.
We choose Mr. AAAA, one of the professional leaders, to take your live webinar session. You will learn your essential skills that are described in-depth for your better understanding.

Get Detailed Course Syllabus:

Week 1
Day-01: Python for Data Science
    • Overview of Python programming(Data Type, Loop, Function, Modules etc.)
    • EDA(Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib)
Day-02: Statistics and Mathematics.
  • Basic Statistics
  • Linear Algebra

Week 2
Day-03: ML fundamentals and Data Preprocessing
    • ML Problem Framing and Production level Project Timeline
    • Handling Missing Values, encoding etc.
    • Feature selection and dataset preparation for the ML Models
Day 04: Machine Learning: Regression Algorithms
    • Regression Algorithms
    • Real Life projects walkthrough

Week 3
Day 05: Machine Learning: Classification Algorithms
      • Classification Algorithms
      • Real Life projects walkthrough
Day 6: Model Optimization, Deployment and Scale
    • Bias, variance, underfitting, overfitting etc.
    • Model Tuning

Week 4
Day 07: Model Optimization, Deployment and Scale
    • Production Level Model Deployment in cloud
    • Real Life projects walkthrough
Day 08: Fundamentals of Deep Learning and AI
  • Tensorflow Overview
  • Neural Networks and deep learning
  • Real Life projects walkthrough
  • Learn Python 3 Complete Masterclass
  • Statistics
  • Data Science and Machine Learning using Python : A Bootcamp
  • Data Analytics with Tableau
  • Microsoft Power BI – Master Power BI in 90 Minutes!
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Excel Beginner to Advanced
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Intelligence and Data Mining
  • Diploma in Computer Science and Programming
  • Mastering SQL Programming
  • Time Management

Get Detailed Course Syllabus:

  • Subject-matter experts teach core concepts
  • Self paced learning
  • Theory and practical concepts are discussed

  • Allows you to go through concepts taught in video lectures again
  • As needed, trainers present live dashboard simulations
  • Trainers assist with personalised solutions for practical problems

  • Personalised mentoring sessions are available for every live classes
  • Enables you to get answers to any further doubts or queries
  • Avail personalised mentoring via Zoom or Google Meet

Meet Our Tutor

John Harper

John Harper is a machine learning engineer, a Python programmer, and a tech entrepreneur who has won numerous awards. A recent scholar at the prestigious Pi School in Rome for Artificial Intelligence. Trained at Cambridge University, Accelerate Cambridge, and a recent scholar at the Prestigious Pi School in Rome for Artificial Intelligence. He is passionate about teaching others and empowering them to create wonderful things using Data Science, Python and AI. He believes that as a community, we can give far better resources to assist people in learning, mastering, and enjoying programming and AI Engineering.

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Certification from Janets

By the end of this comprehensive online live and recorded sessions, you will master all elements from beginner to advanced levels and earn a certificate of accomplishment from Janets. You will also receive certificates after completing all of our video classes.

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