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We understand that no two organisations or their training needs are the same, which is why our plans are entirely adaptable. Immediately start with one of our sample plans below and upgrade later, or get a quotation now and we'll recommend a customised plan for you.

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Largest to Smallest Team


Small Team

For medium-sized businesses planning to create professional and certified team

5 to 10 Members

1 Year Subscription

£89 £39

Per User


Large Team

For multinational corporations businesses seeking to build specialised and certified team

20+ Members

1 Year Subscription

£89 £29

Per User


Over 2,000 organisations have chosen us for the training and development of their employees

Single Course Bulk Purchase for Team/Group

£8.99 /Unit Price
Choose Learners
Amount Per Unit Price Save
5+ Learners £8.99 Save £50
20+ Learners £7.99 Save £110
50+ Learners £6.99 Save £300
100+ Learners Contact Us Now Save BIG

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Customised Learning Plan

Unlock your learning path one step ahead with Janets

Learn In-demand Skills with Leading Experts

Access 1,500+ courses, 50+ SkillSets, and thousands of Guided Projects to upskill your team and employees.

Building a Thriving Workforce
for the Future, today

Develop essential skills with the world-class trainers and verifiable credentials to upskill and train every employee with the highest quality e-learning experiences.

Unlock the potential of your Organisation with Janets For Business.

Most Popular Courses

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Why Janets For Business?

Give 24/7 learner assistance and exclusive tutor support
Get certified instantly after completing a course
Access course materials from anywhere, using any device
Give different single and bundle course offer for your Organisation
You can make your customise courses or bundle for your Organisation
Give a competitive price for any small and big Organisation
Provide video lessons with interactive assessments, quizzes, and peer reviewed assignments

Solutions For Every Organisation


96 percent of participants thought Janets Online courses were more effective than other courses.


Flexible curriculum structures for online courses

Worth the Investment

8 out of 10 participants said Janets Online improved their career for the better

Outstanding Instructors

Online courses designed by some world-class professionals and leaders.

Learn with Real Examples

Case-based learning and real examples are featured in our online video lessons.

Dedicated support team

Participants connect with a dedicated support team so that they can share everything.

First know, then enrol

Janets for Business offers custom solutions for your Organisation. The best way to get courses tailored to your goals is to start an introductory call with our dedicated team member or you can start knowing about us from the given brochure.
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