How to Practice Speaking a Foreign Language Alone

How to Practice Speaking a Foreign Language

Practising is the only way to learn speaking a new language. There is no alternate route to it. But this is not always the most convenient way for everyone. To practice speaking in a foreign language you need to arrange the suitable environment and company. As a result it will cost you a lot of time and money as well. So you have to come up with many improvisations to learn how to practice speaking a foreign language alone.

7 Ways to practice speaking a foreign language on your own

Learning a language mainly involves three steps listening, speaking and reading. Language is not a motor skill it is a cognitive skill. It is the way to spread information and knowledge on a certain topic. 

Listening is the input of a language and writing and speaking is the output you give. To learn a language it’s not recommended approaching one at a time. For example, you want to speak a certain foreign language you better attempt all three matrices at once. But it’s not possible to arrange a native speaker with whom you can practice. Consequently, it may be due to unavailability or any other inconvenience. 

You can try the following ideas to learn a language if you are unable to find a language partner of your own. Besides some people are too shy to speak up at times. So they can try out the methods mentioned below. Forget all the social anxiety while speaking your target language. Here are ways on how to practice a foreign language all on your own:


1. Talk to yourself

You must have definitely heard the inner voice that keeps talking to you whenever you meditate. Try doing a voice over in your target language. See how Morgan Freeman does voice-overs in films. Try to narrate your own life with the help of the voice inside your head. Then try to speak up the sentences you have stringed together. You can even try to make a video or even a simple sound recording of your voice. You can actually monitor your improvement this way one video at a time.

2. Get an online language buddy

Find an online language buddy to converse online over skype, zoom or other platforms. This is a modern solution to all the obstacles of having a real native speaker. You can easily find and connect with native speakers of your target language. There are many such platforms On the internet that allows you to connect with people and learn their language.
To connect to native speakers of your target language you may go to the following websites:
1. italki
2. Meetup

3. Read familiar materials in your target language

Find out a foreign language version of your poem or your favourite comic book. The idea is to collect familiar reading materials that you have read in own language written in your target language. Try to find a text version of your favourite content in the target version. Its recommended not to choose a very long book. Because it may cause difficulties to follow. Try shorter texts so that you can easily follow up and apprehend what to look for

4. Write

Try practice giving your opinion on a certain topic. Writing down your opinion stringing sentences together will get rid of the learner’s lethargy. Remember the times at school when you had to write long essays on so many things. That was a method to actually get you better at your own native language.

Most European language are written using the same alphabetic system. Usually they each of them has a few more or less of the 26 alphabets used in English. Some alphabets have a derived pronunciation. Learning and getting used to this in their own language style will make your learning experience more fruitful.

Writing is the natures way of telling yourself how sloppy is your imagination. You may feel so many things in your mind. But while writing you need to get everything on papers. Writing actually increases your language proficiency. Being able to write well also relates to speaking well. It may be hard for you to catch up directly writing in a language you have very less idea about. But freehand writing on any specified matter can be a very effective way that will influence your speaking.

5. Watch TV and Recite poems in your Target language

Watching TV shows and films in your target language is a repeatedly occurring you have heard over and over again. Its somewhat effective as well. Seeing how the characters interact within themselves can be a great guide for learners.

Another suggestion for you is to collect the target language version of your favourite poem. First search the translated version of your favourite poem on the internet. The chances are if the poem is famous you will get it in that desired language. Try to read it out aloud. This may even help you relate better.

Learning a language is all about making the appropriate connection in your brain. There are corresponding words for every language in this world. How the words settle in your brain for different language is what you have to force your way to. This is why learning a language has said to have improved brain function and cognitive skills.

6. Immerse yourself into the language

Immerse yourself into as much audio of your target language as possible. Step 2 you have to study 100s of examples from native speakers. Step 3 you have to practice your target language. Without speaking the language your learning is not complete. You have to be aware of the fact to sound intelligible in the language you speak. Upon speaking repeatedly you can actually upgrade your ability to learn the language.

In the same vein, of immersing yourself into the target language try out an online course in the language you want to learn.

7. Practice dummy presentation

Stand in front of a mirror and try a presentation about any random topic of your choice. You may even try a planned or written speech if you are not yet good enough to spontaneously talk on any given topic. It will still help you improve your speaking ability.

You may have significantly increased your understanding the target language. While thinking in your head you may overestimate your speaking ability. But you may find it difficult to converse with someone due to lack of preparedness with a native. You may feel all the words you have learned disappearing while talking with a native speaker. The above mentions will also help in case of speaking English as a foreign language.

Benefits of speaking a foreign language

Being multilingual gives you an extra edge in various aspects. The advantages of speaking a foreign language are:

  • Speaking multiple language is a skill well sought after by employers. The mental flexibility and superior cognitive ability of multilingual people are well appreciated.
  • The human mind performs better when exercised. Multilingual people have greater IQ levels. Learning language is one of those exercises that boosts brains capability.
  • Being skilled in a foreign language automatically communicate with a new group of people. You can easily communicate among the native speakers of the language.
  • Learning a new language unlocks new parts of your brain that haven't been explored. The neurotransmitters in your brain express better connectivity and you become more creative. Learning a language increases your problem-solving skill.
  • It becomes easier to learn a third language once you learn a second language. Your visits also become more exclusive as you can socialize with the local people.
  • To sum it up learning a language will make you a more confident person. It's not an easy task but after finishing it you will reach a different level as a person.

Closing Remark

Every way you look from, learning a new language is a challenge worth taking. Don’t let any obstacle demotivate or derail you from your goals. As humans, we have always been more than willing to speak our hearts out. It can be amazing to surprise your friends by learning a new language.

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