5 Tips for the Modern Accountant

Choosing accountancy as a career is a very sensible idea, as there will always be money in businesses and businesses will always need help to spend it wisely! Did you know that accountancy training also gives you some other really marketable business skills, that will help you in lots of other professions?​


Although this is an important aspect of accounting, in these days of modern technology, the numbers almost take a back seat in the role of the accountant. Being comfortable dealing with numbers though is a key skill, and one that will be useful in many other occupations.

Communication skills

A key skill for an accountant in business is being able to communicate. This will be at all levels of an organisation and across different departments. You will likely be having to explain important accountancy concepts and business information to colleagues who are at a higher or lower level to you, and adapting your style to suit.

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IT skills

Accountancy requires strong IT skills, not least to be able to quickly learn and adapt to whatever accounting system your business is using. You will also gain advanced spreadsheet and analytics experience, which will be relevant in many other business areas.

Honesty and diplomacy

As a professional, you will need to balance the demands of honesty and diplomacy when presenting financial information, especially if it is not what the organisation wants to hear! This skill will stand you well in all walks of life, not just in business.

Performance management

This is almost a by-product of carrying out an accountancy role. The more that you become familiar with the data and information you are dealing with, the more you will be able to spot trends and make suggestions for improvement. You will also likely become involved in strategic decision making, and your understanding of the numbers and their context will play an important part in this.


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February 28, 2020

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