Why You Should Use Xero for Your Business

why use xero

Two decades ago, before the cellular revolution took hold businesses required a staggering amount of effort. No one had thought it would be possible to check the status of their business anytime, from anywhere. How things have changed. One of the pioneering achievements in the modern business setting is digital accounting. While there are numerous brands with accounting software solutions one name has truly stood the test of time. That name is Xero.


In 2006, Xero was established in New Zealand by a businessman and his accountant. Their goal was to create a software based solution for bookkeeping and monitoring business activities. Thirteen years later Xero now provides accounting software solutions for more than a million businesses, and provides features such as mobile accounting services as well as on the fly bank reconciliation

5 reasons to use Xero

If you own a small business which is growing beyond what manual accounting can possibly handle, Xero will change your life. Here’s 5 ways it’ll do it and also 5 reasons why you should avail Xero accounting software services. Let’s just say Xero is so popular that we’ve had to create a new diploma course dedicated to it.

1. Ultimate mobility

To be honest we live in a cross-platform world. Whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet, or your PC or Mac, Xero keeps you in the loop wherever you are. Xero strives to provide you – and anyone else who might access your finances – the same data, wherever you are, whenever you want all in real time.

2. Faster payment and improved cash flow

The Xero motivation is to make your business run as fast as it can. With this view in mind Xero let’s you go beyond “traditional” printed invoices with digital invoices payable online. Rather than sending clients a hefty PDF file or a printed document, you can send them an online invoice. Online invoicing let’s you know exactly when the client opens it and tells them exactly how to pay up. You’d be surprised how much time this actually saves.

3. Xero saves time

In case you are using Xero invoicing, then the automated invoice reminders feature will do the chasing for you. If your customers take time, or if you have to spend hours recalling overdue invoices, then Invoice Reminders is just what you need. The feature automatically sends an email to your customers when an invoice is overdue (or if the due date is close).

The Find & Recode feature saves you hours if you’re a financial advisor. Finding your way through a client’s records and then updating those records has never been so easy. Doesn’t matter if the record volume is a few hundred or a couple of thousands

The feature known as Single Ledger, houses a single set of data that both you and your advisor/accountant can work with. It ensures the data is updated in real time so no one is working with data that isn’t up-to-date.

It’ll also remove the need to export data and send it to your advisor. As an advisor it saves you the trouble of importing the data manually and then reuploading. The best part is, you’re free to invite your advisors directly to your file – make it easier than ever to collaborate.

5. Xero grows with your business

Whether it’s a start-up, or there are multiple systems in place, Xero’s ecosystem can help. Xero accounting software is compatible with more than 800 products so you can craft your system just the way you need it. For pricing options visit Xero today.

Whether you use Gmail or Office 365, Xero supports both services. If you want to use specialized systems – such as CRM (customer relationship management), inventory management systems or other industry-specific solutions (i.e. Vend, Shopify) Xero’s add-on marketplace gives tons of options.

If you haven’t already tried Xero, sign up for a free 30 day trial today. For current Xero users, it would be a good idea to explore and reflect on how to use Xero. For accountants and financial advisors we provide a comprehensive training course designed to teach you everything about Xero and bookkeeping.

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