How to Improve Data Science Skills?

How to Improve Data Science Skills

In this era of technology, having data science skills can get you a job in any industry. Our lives on the internet are made possible by data science & programming. So, how to improve data science skills?  

Have you just started learning data science but don’t know how to advance your skills? Then you have come to the right place. This article will walk you through a step-by-step guide to help you improve your data science skills. 

How to Improve Data Science Skills?

For many, breaking into the data science world is a difficult and big step to take! The practical use of data science is applicable in all aspects of the business industry. And companies are growing more conscious about the use of data science.  In this era of technology, companies need programmers and developers on their teams to stay trendy.

Data Science illustration concept

So, how to improve data science skills? If you are a rookie in data science, you should always find different ways to improve your skills. You can follow the few points given below to further improve your data science skills.  

Enrol in an Online Course

Going from an aspiring data scientist to a full-fledged six-figure professional requires gaining the necessary skills. It is the most difficult component. If you’re looking to break into the industry, familiarising yourself is the best way. Keeping yourself updated with the latest tools and techniques is the best approach to get started.

Enrol in an Online Course

Subsequently, many open-source and free data science courses are available online. However, the finest programs are guided by industry experts who have been where you are now. So, how to improve data science skills, you ask? Signing up for a course will help you get a jump start on your Data Science career. 

So, enrol into Data Science and Machine Learning using Python: a Boot camp today! This accredited course is designed to improve your employability and professional skills.

Read & Train

How to improve data science skills? Fast track your learning process by focusing on reading and training. In the meantime, focus on developing your knowledge and skills by dedicating 15 to 20 hours per week. Several techniques and ways are there for you to follow. 


Read everything you can about data science. Academic papers and textbooks fall within this category. And keep a lookout for other educational materials, as well as current industry reports.

Reding study materials about data science

To improve your data science skills, here are a few books we recommend.

In addition, LinkedIn is a wonderful place for students to connect with data science specialists. Moreover, you can stay up to date on industry news using this platform.

Get a Mentor & Train Yourself 

If you can, find a mentor who works in the sector or has experience with data science. Programmers, developers, data scientists, statisticians and engineers are all included. Meet with them on a regular basis, ask them questions. And listen to the techniques and strategies they followed. Also, they can teach you how to improve data science skills.

A mentor training his tutee Data Science

Meanwhile, visit the UCI Machine Learning Repository on a regular basis and engage in data problems. Remember, your friends are R, Excel, and other similar platforms. Don’t be disheartened if you take longer than expected to complete a problem. If you stick with it, you’ll be able to increase the speed with time.

Participate in Open Source Projects

Ask an expert how to improve data science skills? And they will advise you to participate in open source projects that interest you. As a data scientist, join an open-source project that revolves around your hobbies and interests. 

The majority of opportunities can be found on GitHub. And contributing to them is one of the best ways you can land new jobs. Moreover, participating in open-source data science projects is the secret sauce to delving deeper into Big Data. 

Data Scientist Participates in an Open Source Project

There is no limitation to exploring and experimenting with open source projects. Thus, you can continue to improve and grow your skills.

By including open source projects in their portfolio, newcomers can gain a significant advantage over the competition. When you’re not contributing to open-source projects, you can scrape websites. Moreover, you can create your own datasets in your spare time.

Master Technical Skills

Data scientists employ technical skills. These include specialised tools, programming knowledge, and industry practices. Consequently, they use it to build commercial products and services. 

Moreover, most data scientists study how to apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models to business objectives. And they develop their data visualisation and statistical analysis skills. 

So, how to improve data science skills, you ask? It’s essential to have a basic understanding of software engineering principles. Moreover, you should be able to collect and organise raw data. And presenting those to non-technical specialists is another important part of a data scientist’s job.

Subsequently, use scripts and pre-processed data while practising. And take up automated tasks as much as possible in the beginning. Moreover, you should rely largely on frameworks or databases. 

Machine code languages on on blue technology background - Programming concept. 3d rendering

It will cut down on the time you spend generating algorithms and code for yourself. Thus, it will allow you to spend more time doing data science and machine learning.

R, Tableau, Python, SQL, and Hadoop are the top five tools used by professional data scientists. And trainees should be familiar with them. Consequently, a strong understanding of linear algebra and multivariable calculus is necessary. It is more important for individuals serious about learning how to improve data science skills. 

Moreover, data scientists need a good foundation in mathematics, linear regression, and numerous statistical functions. It is necessary in order to develop code. Consequently, it makes Machine Learning models do their tasks efficiently. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning Neural Networks (DLNs) are at the forefront of Machine Learning advancements.

Join live classes with Janets and gain hands-on training on Data Science and Machine Learning Skills. You can get your advanced certification in Data Science and AI at the end of this training course.

Get Started on Practical Experience

The final step on how to improve data science skills is to get started on tactical experience. Once you start feeling confident about your skills, it is time to get down on the field. Get a job doing machine learning or data science. You could get an entry-level position in the analytics or basic statistical department of any tech company. 

Get Started on Practical Experience

Consequently, for entry-level or beginner data scientists, data migration is a fantastic opportunity. With these projects, you may establish the groundwork for your knowledge. Moreover, you can quickly automate some of these steps once you’ve grasped the fundamentals.

When you have the time, get in and start using some of the more popular data science tools. By the time you start working, you’ll have a basic understanding of and experience with the platforms that your employers use.

How Much Does a Data Scientist Earn in the UK?

Now that we have covered how to improve data science skills, let’s see how much your skills are worth. The average pay of data scientists in the UK is around £52K  per annum. Most jobs are full time. With time, your pay can go as high as £78K, depending on your skills and experience. Moreover, you can expect some companies to pay a salary as high as £88K. While the industry is competitive, you will find hundreds of options for you to explore. So, get back to practising and brushing up on your skills without delay.


One of the crucial positions in tech industries is that of a data scientist. Subsequently, it is one of the most lucrative career options if you are serious about stepping into the world of big data. However, your journey of learning can not take a pause after getting a job.

A data scientist is known as a “jack of all trades” in the industry. So, it is imperative you continue learning new tricks and skills. It will help you evolve and stand out from the competition. While knowing how to improve data science skills, you have to ensure that you are implementing the right strategies. 

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