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What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Classroom Assistant?

What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Classroom Assistant

Teaching is the art of assisting learners to flourish and be independent on their own. Do you think you can help students by giving them opportunities to experience a rich learning environment? If you want to help them to develop their confidence & skills in expressing themselves, then you’ve come to the perfect place! Take a journey with us and get your answer to “what qualifications do I need to become a Classroom Assistant?”

Responsibilities of Classroom Assistant

In order to know the answer to “what qualifications do I need to become a classroom assistant,” you have to understand the responsibilities of the job. A Classroom Assistant has many responsibilities. It differs based on the excellence, experience level, and stage of the Classroom Assistant. Let’s make the responsibilities and duties of a CA more clear step by step: 

Responsibilities of Classroom Assistant

  • You have to set up equipment and help prepare the classroom for lessons, organize after the lesson is over, and help with displays.
  • Help student develop independent learning skills, manage their learning and prioritise their time.
  • Looking after children’s pastoral needs, including dealing with playground accidents and caring for children who are upset.
  • Help you to know the communication and professional relationships with pupils and family.
  • Ensure that any pupils they take care of can learn and stay on task during the lesson or activity.
  • Being a part of extracurricular activities, including breakfast clubs, after school clubs, homework clubs, and revision sessions.
  • Know how to develop effective learning strategies.
  • You need to be good at public speaking clearly and listen carefully to your students.
  • Fixing up with support outside of class, such as monitoring any class test or exams and covering absences of other CA colleagues.

What Qualifications do I Need to Become a Classroom Assistant?

Teaching is the art of discovering something new in a learner. But there are a handful of qualifications that a Classroom assistant needs to have. 

Classroom Assistant with fellow students

The most basic answer to the question “what qualifications do I need to become a classroom assistant” is given below. Don’t worry if you don’t know about these qualifications. We have got your back! Let’s look at some critical points of the  Classroom Assistant Qualifications.

  • Firstly, you will need a GCSE (or equivalent) in both Maths and English. Also you need to have good knowledge of the subject you will be teaching.
  • Secondly, any previous experience working with a student is undoubtedly advantageous. It is also advisable to get a work placement within a school to bump up your experience when applying for a CA job and establish your role before investing further.

Recognised Course Qualifications Needed for Classroom Assistants

Here is a more advanced answer to the question of what qualifications do I need to become a classroom assistant. To be a perfect and qualified Classroom Assistant, there are some recognised courses that you can take and enrich your skills in this sphere.

In order to fully understand students and the role of classroom assistance you can join our course on Classroom Assistant Training. Here you can prepare yourself for the certification that are compulsory for teaching assistants.

Qualifications Needed for Classroom Assistants

You can also learn all the aspects of teaching assistants and the psychology and skills necessary to become one. You will also get a more detailed understanding of “what qualifications do I need to become a classroom assistant”

Over the last few years, becoming a Classroom Assistant has become more and more ambitious, and the role has evolved, adding more responsibilities to the job role. Whilst some schools will simply require passion and an enjoyment of working with children, others could require a qualification. Qualifications needed to be a Classroom Assistant varies, as schools often set their requirements.  

How Much a Classroom Assistant Earns?

Now that you have come across some basic and advance answer about what qualifications do I need to become a classroom assistant. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty…!!! The salary of a Classroom Assistant relies upon the local authority pay scales, the school’s pay scale, involvement and experience. 

How Much a Classroom Assistant Earns

Most schools tip their CA’s on a term-time scale. This means that their position will pay a set percentage of a full-time post, but payments can still be made over 12 months. This payment strategy is described as a pro-rata salary.

Sometimes, the working hours can vary, which somehow affects the monthly payments, but the standard salaries for working hours can vary, affecting monthly payments. Still, the average wages for management basis according to Career insights: Become a Teaching Assistant are:

  • Starting salaries and salaries for level 2 CA’s are around £18,000 to £20,000 per annum.
  • With increased responsibilities (such as covering lessons) and higher-level qualifications, you can expect to earn up to £21,000 per annum.
  • HLTAs can earn between £21,000 and £25,000 per annum.

The Reality of Being a Classroom Assistant

The journey of a classroom assistant is rewarding, but it is genuinely back-breaking work. Along with understanding “what qualifications do I need to become a classroom assistant” you need to see the reality of the job too. You will have to figure out each of the students very well. You will have to be involved in their improvement over the weeks, months, and years of their education. 

The Reality of Being a Classroom Assistant

But there are some challenges that you have to face being a Classroom Assistant: 

Students Need

Students who require direct Classroom assistant support will often need it both in the classroom and outside the learning environment. Moreover, students’ behaviour can be provoking sometimes. Therefore, taking care of those students can be difficult.


Not all students gladly receive the extra looking after from a Classroom assistant, viewing that they are being ‘singled out’. Don’t worry! Keep patience, and you will need to be thoughtful and polite, but remember that they can be on the top of the heap with your moral support.

Dealing with Busy Days

Your daytime can sometimes be busy. And imagine you are asked to take an extra class suddenly. That’s very stressful. Isn’t it? Don’t worry!  You can tactfully handle a broad range of activities in the classroom without being nerve-racking.

Dress Appropriately

You will need to dress in a lively manner to pursue the school’s code or policy on attire and costume. Therefore, you will need to dress suitably, relying upon the exercise you will undertake. 

Get Along with the Pupil

As well as encouraging students in the classroom, you may also hang around with them on school trips and outdoor activities and take care breaks and lunch.

Along with knowing the qualifications you need to become a classroom assistant, you must also have the skills to handle students.

Work Experience as a Classroom Assistant

The answer to “what qualifications do I need to become a classroom assistant” is incomplete without talking about experience. 

Being a Classroom Assistant is a dynamic, active participation role. For some people, it is like any sort of volunteering in an educational formation such as a nursery, school or college, that will encourage them and make them fit for a different permanent role as a Classroom assistant. 

Work Experience as a Classroom Assistant

You can find the position of CA’s within large numbers of an educational environment, some of which are naturally expert in different excellent field’s.

Pupil Referral Part

Students are bound to hand out a range of learning and behavioural questions. A classroom assistant is often on thin ice in growing up with a confident bond between the process of learning and the student. Moreover, it helps students to cope up with the regular norm of schools or colleges. 

Sports Guru

Some educational institutions and academies pitch for sporting activities alongside regular education. Therefore, you may need some sports skills Classroom assistants who are experts in sports and various outdoor activities play a huge role in the accomplishments of these educational settings.

Informal Education Settings

You will find many students for whom education is along the side of other activities in their survival, such as being a parent or many more. Essentially, you always have to remember that a Classroom Assistant plays a bottom-line link between a student and education.

How to Turn into a Good Classroom Assistant?

We are going to summarize the answer to this question “what qualifications do I need to become a classroom assistant.” Here are all the things you to do to become a good CA.   

  • Make sure you have an excellent foundation of knowledge, and a GCSE in Maths and English will be the icing on the cake.
  • Look up the schools or colleges in your regional area to figure out any opportunities open for a Classroom Assistant position. 
  • As a matter of choice, you can get in touch with your local school or college authority for a position you may be wanting to work for and give it a try so that they can talk to you about your exciting role. 
  • Explore and make decisions for any recognised course if you think it’s needed for your self-growth or mandatory to do so.
  • Before you start joining any classroom as a classroom assistant, the school may finalise an intensified environment inspection via the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) system. If you meet all DBS requirements, you are ready to start your journey as a Classroom Assistant. 

Career Progression

Now you have some idea about what qualifications you will need to become a classroom assistant. So let’s check how your potential career progression can be. There are many career journeys for Classroom Assistants. Moreover, the experience you will build up from being a Classroom Assistant will open the door to a lot of opportunities in the education sector. As a result, can move forward with your experience and then search out for a career as a teacher.   

Career Progression of a classroom assistant

You will also be able to fine-tune your Teaching Assistant role and take your journey further into (SEN) Special Educational Needs CA. This job requires looking after
 students with special needs or disabilities.  Furthermore, you can also use your qualification and become a
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA), where you have to deal with many responsibilities. 

Important Notes

We are almost at the end of the journey of knowing what qualifications do I need to become a classroom assistant. Lastly we have some additional information for you.

  • Firstly, academic institutions must arrange a minimum of 39 weeks of an education training course for their students in any academic year.
  • Secondly, as well as during some holidays – when schools are also closed on Public Holidays, Classroom Assistants may have some important pending works.
  • Thirdly, classroom assistants may be required to take part in training days. Some will have compulsory tests or attendance, or it can also be any task on updating child protection training.

Final Thoughts

We hope you got know all the answers to the question of what qualifications do I need to become a classroom assistant. Now that you have your answers, you can start training. Our Classroom Assistants Training course is available for you if you want to prepare yourself professionally.

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